Louis T. Graves Memorial Library, Kennebunkport Maine
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Dear Friends:

Few who receive this letter today were here the year that the Kennebunk Bank and U.S. Customs House became the public library for this community. Some of you may remember your grandparents telling tales about borrowing books from Anne Talbot’s “social lending library.” Many of you remember when the Pasco Room was dedicated and/or when we acquired the Perkins House for meetings and the on-going book sale. You and your children have experienced many wonderful books, met new friends, and attended special programs and weekly story time.

The point is everyone who receives this letter today knows a bit of the history of the Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library.  It is a thread of the entire fabric that makes up our lives; it is a part of how our children have learned through the years; it is where we still come to learn, discover, and escape.

This is the year we celebrate all that the Graves Library has meant to us and our community for the last century.  It is a wonderful history that is woven into the rich work of Joyce Butler’s, Kennebunkport : The Evolution Of An American TownIn the preface to this extraordinary work, Richard D’Abate, Director Emeritus of the Maine Historical Society writes, “…history creates a shared self-consciousness – a story – about which we are and what we might become.” 

One might also say that a community’s library tells quite a lot about a town and the people who live there.  This letter is about ensuring the future of the Library for a new generation of patrons. Thank you for your role in making our Library a powerful statement about how much we value the rich words of the past, and celebrate the knowledge and creativity of so many who have shared their words for all of us to enjoy.

The Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library is indeed something to celebrate. We hope you will do so this year with a gift to the annual fund.


Mary-Lou Boucouvalas, Library Director


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