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Dear Friends:

In the seventh grade, I used to walk home every day with my best friend from Consolidated School along Maine Street.  Often in the afternoons, Andrew Page and I would stop into Graves Library and just wander through the stacks.  I can still remember that it was the place where I first picked up and tried to decipher a Shakespearean comedy.  It's also the place where we learned about whales and whaling for a school assignment that culminated in a carved wooden whale that I still have.

The point is that Graves Library is today, as it was then, a welcoming place where everyone feels comfortable to come and explore any subject at all.  You can lounge quietly by the fire on a snowy afternoon playing chess or immersed in a favorite newspaper or magazine.  You can stand between walls of books and meander casually from one author to another reading random passages as happen to pique your interest -- all the while surrounded by museum quality artwork in an historically beautiful building that feels as old as the name Kennebunkport itself. 

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help you find whatever you might need.  Today, you can log onto the Internet on any one of many workstations and browse online reviews or even file your taxes. You can borrow books from libraries across the country, purchase used books on site, check out videos, and even download text and audio materials from anywhere on earth using your preferred wireless device.

Graves continues to provide essential community outreach programs hosting writer's workshops, book clubs, signings, and seminars both at the Library and elsewhere.  Only the most recent example of this was an incredible evening at the River Club just a few weeks ago with Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. David Oshinsky giving a fascinating account of Polio in America.

Graves Library has changed enormously through the years to meet the needs of its patrons and it will continue to adapt to those changing needs in the years to come.  But at its core, it remains a truly exceptional resource woven elegantly into the fabric of this very special community.

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your support in making the Library such a success and to express our hope that you might consider making a gift to the annual fund which will be used to sustain our operations both present and future.  I hope too that some of you will be moved to remember Graves Library as part of your estate plans since those gifts have become the most effective way of guaranteeing that the Library will be here to serve the generations to come.


Christian L. Barner, Board President


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